A Mother & Daughter’s Guide To All Things Pretty!

Stacy & Brooklyn of Sassy & Sunkissed

My earliest memory begins in my mother’s closet with the lingering smell of her Christian Dior Poison perfume in the air. Her dressing room consisted of a long carpeted hall with dual sinks, a built in vanity in the middle, 2 separate walk-in closets for both her and my father then followed was a brown tiled, yes 70’s brown tiled bathroom with wall to wall mirrors. It was the perfect stage for my Chorus Line phase. Even at a young age I was memorized by my Mom’s beauty and watching her get ready especially on Saturday date nights with Dad. I liked trying on any fashion she'd let me get my hands on then admiring my style in the hall of mirrors. Between her and my you-would-never-have-guessed-she-was-my-Grandmother I was surrounded by stunning beauty.

Growing up in a small resort/beach community fashion consisted of resort wear and flip flops. I would get lost in my Seventeen Magazine, Mom’s Glamour & Grandmother’s Vogue with all the different styles, beautiful women and exotic places. I appreciated the aesthetics of everything that surrounded me dreaming of a life in the city with my own brand of clothes and fabulous products.

Forward to present day my other half and I own a digital marketing agency. A career in advertising definitely keeps my creative mind active but nothing compares to the art of style which I'm obsessed with. I've wanted to combine my career and my passion for some time now. I'm sure people will assume that my daughter Brooklyn likes to dress up only because of me but that girl takes it to another level. She will design dresses for her dolls out of play-do for hours and style a child-size mannequin form for fun. She had a total say-so on her outfits before the age of 2. Very sure about what she likes and although dealing with a mini-me is tough sometimes I admire her follow through.

Losing  my mother  over a year ago unexpectedly knocked the wind out of me and forced me to really take a look at my life and what I still want out of it especially without one of the most important people to me not in it anymore. Even months leading up to her death I expressed my desire to start a blog & online boutique sharing mine and my daughter’s love for all things pretty. Life comes and goes all too quickly. Our dreams run out of time, our baby’s trips around the sun are too fast and we get caught up in the motion of surviving instead of living. I want to enjoy these moments with my daughter and document our style journey so she can look back at these great memories we have made the way I affectionately remember all the great ones with my Mom. 

 I hope to share my style secrets, the art of dressing glamorously on a budget, how to find your style, great beauty finds, dressing the fashion forward toddler and of course how to organize it all! We all have that Carrie Bradshaw voice in our heads living out our best & worst moments right?  I'm excited to have you to listen to mine!


I  dedicate this blog & my beautiful relationship I share with my children, especially my daughter, to my Mother.  I promise to always be there for them , to love them fiercely & unconditionally the way you loved us.

"The death of a mother is the first sorrow wept without her"  - Unknown Author

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  • I love this so much!!! Beautifully written and heartfelt! I’m excited to see all of the pretty stuff you girls post<3 I have zero time for fashion anymore so you can be my guide;) XOXOXO

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