Making The Cut

Pixie Cut

I wish I could tell you that I marched confidently into the salon and excitedly chopped off my hair to this fierce pixie cut you see here but it's been more of a journey that I'm still trying to get through. This is much more than getting a short hair cut but a realization how much of a women's identity, over all confidence is in her hair and as much as my new haircut bothers me this concept of losing my assurance with it gets me even more. Like a lot of women I have never considered my hair as "good hair" so I've always been slightly obsessed with making it better but as much time & money I've invested in doing so I can always look back at a lot of those styles questioning why I ever changed it then because it looked so good! What we put ourselves through is ridiculous as I'm laughing out loud at myself now as I type. But I can say that I'm not concerned with impressing anybody else even though that would be so much easier than dealing with my biggest critique, myself!

The pixie first dominated the 20's as a revolutionary sign of women's first real independence. Breaking away from the stereotypical long locks that represented a more traditional era now meaning to show freedom & fun for women.

after the roaring 20's & flapper scene went away it wasn't until the 50's when America's sweetheart, Audrey Hepburn showcased her adorably cute haircut in the classic movie Roman Holiday then transforming the pixie into a more refined look in Sabrina. This offered a variety of ways to wear this daring look. In the 60's Mia Farrow, Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick famously rocked the pixie look and left their beauty mark on history with them. Then in the 80's the queen of pop herself, Madonna, wore this bold and unmissable hair statement.  These days this modern-day crop is worn by celebrities, models, found all through social media sites like Pinterest & Instagram. Just follow the #pixiecut and you'll be hard pressed not to find a couple to inspire you to go for it yourself!

There is such a powerful feeling when you chop off your hair though. You definitely have to wear the cut not let the cut wear you! That took me about 2 weeks and the right cut/color combo to start wearing mine. I'm definitely looking forward to growing it out  but trying to have fun with it now and all those style opportunities that come along with it! If any of you are trying to grow your hair out or needing to thicken your strands I highly suggest using Ouai Haircare Thinning Hair Supplements, I've tried so many supplements but this product seriously grew all the baby hairs I lost with Brooklyn into full on bangs in 2 weeks! This product is helping my hair recover during my sun-kissed hiatus and I'm super obsessed.

I'm learning a lot about myself with this new look. Your face is really on display so it's allowed me to be ultra focused on my skincare, like I wasn't already obsessed before, but I'm also having fun with my makeup. When you do get comfortable in your cut it does level up your self confidence almost like the world is really seeing you! Plus the amount of time saved on getting ready for someone chronically late is amazing. It has brought awareness to some styling trends that I have overlooked for so long so I look forward to sharing those with you. I do feel every woman at some point in their life should go for it. You might be surprised what features you never knew you had are brought out or at least allow the vulnerability of shedding those strands that we hold so tightly on.


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