Vacation Worthy Makeup

The Best Makeup For Warm Weather Get-a-ways

Best Vacation Makeup

Vacation Worthy Makeup For warm weather Get-a-ways

Headed down to South Florida for my big birthday weekend and knew I couldn't pack my usual glowy makeup routine because yeah it's South freaking Florida which means sweaty, balmy weather! Even just 5 hours away in North Florida it seems to not be as drastic. I have been eyeing Christian Dior's Makeup Forever formulas but on a whim read about their Backstage Face & Body Foundation. I had already fell hard for their Backstage Glow Palette & their Warm Neutrals Eye Palette so why not but what really sold me was the claim of a natural, matte finish and medium, build-able coverage that's both waterproof and sweat-resistant. Their other formulas stayed flawlessly on me all day so there was a foundation of trust in this brand, I grabbed a sample and was on my way.

Since I colored my hair much darker these days my brow routine has been struggling and with so many brow products I own I  couldn't decide between a powder, pencil or gel formula until I came across NYX's Micro Brow Pencil in a perfect Expresso color for me. A total dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil for sure except only $8.99, sold. I was also in the market for Elf's Poreless Putty Primer said to be a dupe for Tatcha's Silk Canvas Protective Primer except the rudeness of the world stock piled this popular find, it was sold out everywhere even online and they were selling an $8 makeup for the same price as the Tatcha. I went ahead and cut the gougers off by buying the Tatcha Mini.

So naturally wanting to look cute for all my vacation content I wore just the makeup essentials since the majority of my day was to be pool or beachside. So ya know your basic primer, foundation, contour, bronzer & brow situation.

First I love how Tatcha's Primer doesn't feel like a silicone slide all over my face and really made the already smooth foundation even smoother. Dior's Backstage Foundation was beautiful and it melt, blended into my skin immediately like it wasn't even there! It just looked like my skin just better. After my trusty go-to Tarte Princess Contour Palette & Bronze Essentials Beaute Basics I topped my cheeks off with Tarte's Blissful Cheek Stain then Dior's blinged out Glow Palette, added some bronzer to my crease then used my new favorite brow product to the line up.

Looking surprisingly natural but flawless I headed out for a day of fun with my family. I took as many pictures as it's my birthday excuse would allow followed by back and forth pool to beach sessions. I took a selfie late afternoon for sure expecting to see a mess after sweating, swimming & tequila but seriously nothing moved! I looked the same as if  I had just finished applying all of it! The foundation even seemed to of blended even better into my skin with no transfer onto the towel. I was super obsessed which meant I had to take more pictures to document this discovery. I only needed to freshen up with some eye makeup for night time festivities instead of starting completely over.

This is why Christian Dior's Backstage Foundation will forever be in my bag vacay or not. Considering the exclusive brand this makeup runs the same as most these days but is worth so much more than it's investment. Really the whole line is amazing from the Contour Palette, Cool Neutral Eye Palette, Amber Eye Palette and lips.


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